calf health checklist MSD

UK dairy and beef producers concerned about calf health can now ask their vet for a detailed, score-based audit of their youngstock rearing system, thanks to the launch of a new checklist tool from MSD Animal Health. 

It’s likely that an insidious infectious disease was a significant cause of barrenness or abortion in ewes last year, according to an analysis of the latest diagnostic results released by MSD Animal Health 

Lungworm infestation

Feedback from cattle farmers during the 2016 grazing season suggests lungworm (husk) disease outbreaks are becoming more prevalent and unpredictable.

Flock managers keen to implement the Five-Point sheep lameness reduction plan now have access to a new website to help them get started.

With DEFRA still predicting a significant risk of an outbreak of bluetongue (BTV8) in the UK by the end of the summer, sheep and cattle producers are being urged to vaccinate their stock before it’s too late.

MSD Animal Health is launching an exciting new initiative to help the UK sheep industry develop a proactive approach to maximising output by optimising flock performance.


Shepherds are being urged to remain vigilant for signs of orf in growing lambs this grazing season, particularly if pastures are prone to thistles and the animals have not yet been vaccinated.

Any UK sheep producers that have experienced more than 2% of their flock aborting this year are being urged to blood test affected ewes for exposure to toxoplasmosis and enzootic abortion (EAE) – and do it before the end of July.

MILTON KEYNES, UK, 2nd June 2016 – With an 80% chance that the bluetongue virus will reach the south of the country later this summer1, MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the US and Canada) has moved quickly to ensure a vaccine is available to help British farmers and vets prevent the disease securing a foothold in the UK.

Finadyne Transdermal

FINADYNE® Transdermal from MSD Animal Health can now be used as a single application to reduce pyrexia associated with acute mastitis.