iLivestock flock and herd management app

Allflex in partnership with Duradiamond has announced the launch of an updated version of its ‘iLivestock’ flock and herd management app, with the new version more intuitive to use thanks to a cleaner-looking, easier to navigate interface.

Volac_calf teat bucket

More than half the replacement heifer calves being reared on UK commercial dairy units could be growing too slowly to hit targets for optimal health and lifetime productivity.

Finishing lambs on brassicas

Brassica fodder crops can be an ideal break crop for Scottish sheep farmers planning to rejuvenate grassland and will also help boost short-term feed availability, said Germinal’s William Fleming at NSA ScotSheep.

Sustainable Forager Protein - Germinal Guide front cover

A five-year programme of trials and demonstrations involving eight UK livestock farms and researchers from Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities has demonstrated significant benefits of integrating a range of forage protein crops into farming systems.

Germinal has sold the Morton’s brand as a going concern to Fane Valley Stores Limited with the retention of all staff.  This decision by the Germinal Group is a result of Germinal’s intention to concentrate on their variety development, seed production and marketing activities.  

UK pig producers can now use innovative soluble tannin-based ingredients in feed as an aid to improve performance, thereby reducing nitrogen and phosphorus excretion on farm.

A new web-based information source for farmers looking to switch to making multi-cut grass silage – as a way of improving nutritional quality by cutting earlier and more often – has been launched by leading animal nutrition and forage preservation company, Volac.

Stabiliser suckler pair

From pasture to plate, genetic improvements led by Stabiliser Cattle Company (SCC) have the ability to profit every player in the beef production chain. Benefits for key stakeholders, including beef producers, abattoirs and consumers, will be the main focus of SCC’s Open Day on Wednesday, 30th May at Wold Farm in Bishop Wilton, York.

Lucerne three weeks regrowth after second cut

Lucerne could have a key role in helping to future-proof many UK dairy farms, such is its potential as a source of homegrown protein and quality fibre.