Chocolate spot in beans

With the current spell of wet weather bringing an abrupt end to a long period of dry, almost drought-like conditions, growers need to take every possible precaution to protect beans from chocolate spot and rust infections.

Topcon X35 console

LH Agro will be debuting Topcon Agriculture’s next generation X35 touchscreen console at this year’s Cereals event as well as offering free appraisals to calculate the cost-saving potential of using an RTK-based autosteer system.

John Cairns, ProCam

Opportunities to improve resource use efficiency and margins in potato production were presented to northern growers at a recent ProCam agronomy evening in Skelmersdale.

Barrie Hawkin in manganese deficient winter wheat crop

Tackling the commonest trace element deficiency in UK arable crops has been made easier and more effective with the launch of a new concentrated manganese formulation requiring lower application rates than common alternatives.

Growers should protect spring sown cereals by adopting alternative herbicides instead of relying on any one single mode of action.  

Leading agri-environmental consultancy Alltech E-CO2 has launched a new website offering farmers and the wider food industry valuable knowledge on resource efficiency. 

With SDHI resistance threatening to hamper the ability of these chemistries to effectively control Septoria, growers should protect winter-sown wheat crops with an early application of a folpet-based fungicide.  That is the advice from Adama Agricultural Solutions, which will be using this year’s CropTec event to warn growers that unless adequate steps are taken to protect the current armoury of fungicides, the efficacy of these products will continue to diminish, with growers subsequently...

With Light Leaf Spot infections able to significantly detract from oilseed rape yield potential, UK growers must be ready to act at the first sign of the disease this autumn.

Adama WaterAware logo

An enhanced version of Adama’s popular WaterAware app has been developed and is ready to launch for Autumn 2016.  With 42 percent of the 486 drinking water protected areas in England at risk, the enhanced WaterAware application is essential in the coming months.

Growers can keep Annual meadow-grass in check this autumn with a three-way co-formulation of pendimethalin, diflufenican and chlorotoluron. That is the advice from Alison Bosher, Adama’s technical and marketing director, who warns that while Annual meadow-grass might not have the same potential impact on final cereal yields as Black-grass, heavy infestations can delay ripening and will hinder harvesting efficiencies.