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Adama Agricultural Solutions UK has released the third episode of its crop protection podcast aimed at providing UK arable growers with the latest crop protection news and advice. 

Nick Myers, ProCam

Think before rushing in to drill winter wheat after the early harvest and now we’ve had rainfall, farmers are being urged.

Ian Jackson, ProCam agronomist

Eastern counties arable farmers planting cover crops to improve soils this autumn must choose ones appropriate to the particular field situation, a regional crop adviser is urging. 

SR2 pack shot

A new biological soil inoculant developed to boost cover crops and, more significantly, pass on a soil health legacy to following cash crops has been launched by bio-fertiliser specialists PlantWorks.

Dr Alison Hall, Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd

Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd has announced the appointment of Dr Alison Hall as its new product manager for herbicides.

Ian Jackson, ProCam

Growers of vulnerable crops such as sugar beet and oilseed rape should give them a helping hand to make use of available soil moisture now the region has had some much-needed rain, an eastern counties crop advisor is urging.


Increased use of ‘big picture’ data to spot agronomic trends, provide an early warning of potential crop problems and identify practices that can help, could be an important tool to boost arable farms’ financial sustainability in the unknown waters of Brexit, says leading agronomy firm, ProCam.

Adama callibration pellet packshot

Adama is urging arable growers to make every slug pellet count this season by applying the right pellet at the right time and at the right dose.  

David Roberts, Adama herbicide technical specialist

Pre- and post-emergence herbicide applications are vital to the control of black-grass populations, but are only part of the solution when it comes to delivering a long-term answer to the black-grass conundrum.  

Harry James, agronomist, ProCam UK Limited

Harry James has joined national agronomy and crop production business ProCam, expanding the ProChem team of agronomists based at Leominster in Herefordshire.