Will Miller, ProCam

Establishing maize under biodegradable film has the potential to deliver an earlier harvest along with significantly higher yields and, in the case of most marginal maize growing areas, make the crop more consistently economically viable, according to ProCam Seeds and Traits Manager Will Miller.

Growers of autumn-sown oilseed rape can improve control of Blackgrass with an early season application of carbetamide.  That is the advice from David Roberts, Herbicide Technical Specialist for Adama who recommends hitting Blackgrass seedlings when they are small and therefore more susceptible.

Adama has announced that its unique triple-active herbicide, Tower, has had an upgrade making it suitable for use on all currently available commercial winter wheat varieties.

Adama has launched a new and unique contact herbicide for use as an early season post-emergence treatment against a range of key weed threats in oilseed rape.

John Bianchi, Managing Director ProCam UK Ltd

Benchmarking of crop performance plus use of big data to identify farming practices that deliver genuine benefits could become increasingly important as arable farms face continued grain price volatility, uncertainty over farming support and increasing technical challenges, says leading agronomy firm, ProCam.

Chocolate spot in beans

With the current spell of wet weather bringing an abrupt end to a long period of dry, almost drought-like conditions, growers need to take every possible precaution to protect beans from chocolate spot and rust infections.

Topcon X35 console

LH Agro will be debuting Topcon Agriculture’s next generation X35 touchscreen console at this year’s Cereals event as well as offering free appraisals to calculate the cost-saving potential of using an RTK-based autosteer system.

John Cairns, ProCam

Opportunities to improve resource use efficiency and margins in potato production were presented to northern growers at a recent ProCam agronomy evening in Skelmersdale.

Barrie Hawkin in manganese deficient winter wheat crop

Tackling the commonest trace element deficiency in UK arable crops has been made easier and more effective with the launch of a new concentrated manganese formulation requiring lower application rates than common alternatives.

Growers should protect spring sown cereals by adopting alternative herbicides instead of relying on any one single mode of action.